Prison Family Support Alliance


The Prison Family Support Alliance is a joint venture between Nepacs, POPS (Partners of Prisoners), Pact (Prison Advice & Care Trust) and Jigsaw. The Alliance aims to develop and deliver family services in prisons in England and Wales, to share good practice and learning, and to encourage the government, public, private and voluntary sectors to focus on families as part of the strategy to reduce re-offending.

The Alliance has introduced the roles of Family Engagement Workers (FEWs) in order to provide support services to offenders and their families during the period of a custodial sentence. Through drop - ins and one to one engagement, Family Engagement Workers provide advice, advocacy and support in maintaining family contact.

Family Engagement Workers are focused on achieving the very best outcomes for offenders and their families; to reduce re-offending and to safeguard and improve the life chances of offenders' children and their families.

In 2013 the PFSA, was selected by the Ministry of Justice as the ‘framework provider’ to provide prison-based family engagement workers in all public sector women’s prisons – including HMP&YOI Low Newton in Durham, which is provided by Nepacs.