Ruth Cranfield

Ruth was born in Ireland, educated in Wales and England, is a qualified librarian and history teacher, and has been associated with Nepacs for about 55 years.

Ruth’s first connection with the Durham Discharged Prisoners’ Aid Society flowed from her appointment as a prison visitor (to the old pre-H-Wing Durham women’s wing in Durham prison).  She was a prison visitor for many years, a member of the Committee of the Durham Discharged Prisoners;' Aid Society (later the North Eastern Prisoners' Aid Society, subsequently Nepacs) (its secretary for most of them) and a member of the Durham Probation Board. She was also on the Board of Durham Victims Support.

Ruth states that her association with Nepacs has been one of the great and happiest parts of her life, as she has met some wonderful people in all roles, among the members of the committees, the deliverers of service, the users and supporters, and learned much.