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Our Chief Executive Helen Attewell will be leaving us at the end of June for pastures new in Cumbria.

To help celebrate National Volunteers Week Helen has recorded a special video message to extend her heartfelt thanks and appreciation to each and every Nepacs volunteer who has kindly given their time to the various north east projects working with prisoners, people subject to probation services and their families/friends.

Click on the photo below to access Helen's message:

We are also delighted to have received lovely thank you messages from some of our prisons and their governors.

Chris Dyer, Governor of HMP Holme House, said: "As this is National Volunteers week I would just like to take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks to all the volunteers who support NEPACS delivery at Holme House. Without their selfless generosity with their time, we would not be able to deliver the quality of service that we do.

"We often take the work of volunteers for granted, without thought for the sacrifices that they make personally to make our jobs that much easier, and to provide a crucial service to those vulnerable men in our care.

"I would therefore be grateful if you could pass on my heartfelt thanks to all your volunteers and let them know that their efforts are very much appreciated by HMP Holme House and by myself."

HMP Deerbolt added a thank you message to their twitter page: "As we come towards the end of an unusual #VolunteersWeek 2020, we want to thank the volunteers that come into Deerbolt to be part of our fantastic support team for our young men and their families - inc. @nepacsinfo volunteers, chaplaincy volunteers & our official prison visitors."

HMP Kirklevington Grange also shared a message on twitter and we received a lovely message from Rebecca Newby, acting governor, who said: "Of course all of our fabulous volunteers are in our thoughts. We miss them and what they bring to the prison. Although national volunteers week is important, I hope that the volunteers that work here know that we value them all year round. We made sure that we celebrated them last November with our Volunteers Celebration – an afternoon tea hosted by me, with certificates for all our wonderful volunteers. I asked all volunteers – from chaplaincy volunteers, to reading programme volunteers, to equalities reps, to mentors – to let me know what they do and why I should go see them in action. I had lots of responses from the wonderful NEPACS volunteers. I thought I would write a few of those down so that your volunteers can remember what they bring to our prison and to the men here:
“The kids love spending time with their dads on these special days and it’s so rewarding watching their interactions.”
“I like to work with a team – other NEPACS volunteers and prisoners. Together we make a warm, welcoming environment for inmates and their visitors.”
“It can get quite busy, keeps your brain active, adding up the food and drinks that have been ordered.”
“We try to help make the visit as good an experience as possible.”

If you would like to find out more about our volunteers please check out their stories HERE.