COVID-19 prison lockdown - Have your voice heard

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Covid-19 has had a massive impact on prisons - from prisoners themselves, to their loved ones outside, to staff and volunteers. 

Nepacs is working with the Prison Reform Trust (PRT) to consult prisoners, their families and prison staff about their experiences of the prison lockdown during Covid-19, and build a picture of how prisons have responded. 

The PRT want to know:

  • What has been your experience of the Covid-19 lockdown?
  • What we can learn from all of this?
  • How have you and your loved ones responded to the Covid situation?
  • How has the prison you/your loved one is in responded to the Covid situation?

The information gathered will bring the direct experiences, insights and ideas for change to the attention of those in Parliament, in the Ministry of Justice and within the Prison Service. 

What do they want to know?

PRT want you to get in touch to let them know about your experience of the Covid-19 lockdown. They want to hear your thoughts on what can be learned from all of this; what would a better experience look like?

Some of the main things you might want to tell Prison Reform Trust about are:

  • Regimes and activities
  • Families
  • Progression, reviews, re-categorisation
  • Health: mental and physical
  • Communication
  • Innovative, helpful practices.

But don’t feel tied to these topics – let them know if other areas are just as important.

How do I get involved?

Write to: 
Prisoner Policy Network c/o
Prison Reform Trust FREEPOST ND 6125
London EC1B 1PN


Or you can call the Prison Reform Trust on 020 7251 5070 and leave a voicemail outlining your experience. Please note PRT staff are not currently in the office. This line is globally cleared for all prisoners.

When you make a contribution please give your name, your/your loved one's prison number and the prison you/they are in, or your address if you have been released. Any published contributions will be anonymised.