Abby's story - a visitors' centre volunteer

With being a criminology student at Northumbria university I was made aware of Nepacs from my lecturer. I believed volunteering for Nepacs would help develop my understanding of the families of prisoners. With me wanting to work with prisoners and their families after university, Nepacs seemed the perfect opportunity.

Since joining the Nepacs team at HMP Northumberland I have been welcomed with open arms. By being part of the team I have been able to interact with the families of prisons, by working in the visitors centre, as well as the tea bar located inside of the prison.

My time with Nepacs  has also allowed me to participate in liaison meetings and third sector days, allowing me a chance to communicate with staff and prisoners themselves regarding the welfare of their families.

Not only has Nepacs allowed me to further enhance my knowledge, it has allowed me to gather a greater understanding of the difficulties that may be faced by prisoners families, as well as the ways in which I can help.