Our aims and values

Our vision

To make a real difference for prisoners, and their families and friends, in the north east.

Our mission

To support prisoners and ex-prisoners, their families and friends; to reduce the impact and stigma of imprisonment on their lives and contribute to the positive rehabilitation of offenders.

Our organisational aims

  • Support and assist prisoners, families and friends of prisoners in their visits to the prison and in their life outside the prison

  • Ensure that children visiting relatives in prison will feel welcome and find the experience as pleasant as possible

  • Relieve hardship due to the poverty of some offenders and their families

  • Support the education and training of offenders, and other processes which may assist their rehabilitation

  • Raise public awareness through the collection and publication of information relating to criminal justice matters and to the prevention of crime.

Our values

  • Welcoming

  • Respectful

  • Supportive

  • Positive

  • Trustworthy

Our values underpin everything we do.

How we work

Improving the visit experience for families

We strongly believe that investment must be made in resettlement and rehabilitation to ensure that there are fewer crime victims in the future, and less prospect of family life being disrupted and possibly destroyed by a prison sentence. As a charity we are determined to play our part in promoting family ties and supporting resettlement.

Ministry of Justice figures tell us that prisoners are 39% less likely to reoffend if they have had visits throughout their prison sentence.

We do this by supporting and assisting prisoners, families and friends of prisoners in their visits to north east prisons and in their life outside the prison. Also, by ensuring that children visiting relatives in prison will feel welcome and find the experience as pleasant as possible.

Find out about Our Visitors’ Charter –  a minimum standard for visitors and helps to improve the visiting experience for everyone coming to a north east prison.  Agreed by the National Offender Management Service (NOMS) and Nepacs.

Feedback, comments or complaints

We are committed to providing high quality services, and are constantly developing the services we provide for families and friends of prisoners. We welcome your input because your opinion of our services is important to us. If you’d like to give feedback or make a comment please do one of the following:

If you have a comment or concern about the service you receive from our staff/volunteers, or about any of our services, please talk to the member of staff/manager who is responsible for that service. They will be as helpful as possible and may be able to resolve your concerns straight away.

Information on our complaints procedure is HERE. 

Equality and diversity - we aim to be an inclusive organisation, committed to providing a working environment and services where everyone is treated with dignity and respect, and receives equal treatment irrespective of circumstances, gender, age, race, nationality, marital status, pregnancy and maternity, sexual reassignment, sexual orientation, religion or beliefs or disability.

Safeguarding children and adults – Nepacs is committed to practice which protects children and vulnerable adults from harm. Trustees, staff and volunteers accept and recognise our responsibilities to develop awareness of the issues which cause harm, and where necessary to act appropriately to safeguard children and vulnerable adults. We have policies and procedures in place which support staff and volunteers to act upon their concerns and provide training so that they are able to spot the issues and understand how to deal with them.