Help and support at prison

Visiting prison can be a difficult experience, not knowing what to expect, how to book a visit or what support is available. We do everything we can to help provide a welcoming environment for people to relax and enjoy refreshments after a long journey and before going through the search process into the prison.

The centres have lots of information for visitors, play areas for children, youth zones and tea bar facilities.

A cup of tea can be the focus of a visit and makes the situation feel more relaxed.

"You make what is a very daunting experience into a pleasant one - thank you for being here for us."

"We are extremely grateful to Nepacs and its staff, they make a difficult experience so much better and gave essential advice as well as physical comfort." 

Our trained staff and volunteers can also offer support and a listening ear to new visitors and to those who are finding it hard to cope when a loved one goes into custody.  Volunteers meet new visitors to explain the system and procedures to them before they go for a visit. 

Find out more about how we can help you if you are visiting a prison in the north east: