Meet Buddy - our children's mascot

When you visit one of our centres you will meet our children's mascot, Buddy.

Hi, my name is Buddy. I am the children’s mascot for Nepacs.

Myself and my friends would like to make your visit as enjoyable as possible. You might meet some of my doggy friends during your visit. They like to sniff people and play with balls - just like me.

Within our north east centres and visits play areas we have lots of toys, games,arts, crafts and activities which include me Buddy. You can colour me in or help me find my way through a maze and many more.

Our friendly volunteers and play workers are also there to help and support you during your visit.

We also provide special family visits which have a much more relaxing atmosphere. Our play workers and volunteers organise lots of family activities which will include me, Buddy, so we can have a family fun day together. 

When you have finished your visit a play worker will offer you one of my stickers. There are 6 to collect. We hope you have fun.