Heading home

The period of release and resettlement can leave prisoners and their families with mixed emotions. Everyone affected may have different concerns or expectations about the future.

At Nepacs we understand from listening to families who have been impacted by imprisonment that the process of release and resettlement can be just as daunting as when their relative was initially sent to prison.

The aim of the Heading Home project is to offer guidance and practical information to support prisoners and their families during this challenging period, while raising awareness of the support they can access in their locality.

The project also wants to provide families with the opportunity to discuss the impact their relatives’ offending behaviour has had on the relationship.



Our re:settle project can offer your family:

  • Hints and tips about release

  • Advice on how to prepare children for the release of a family member

  • Practical advice about what life may be like after release

  • Guidance on how to access local support

reconnect_logoRe: connect

Our re:connect programme can offer:

  • Group based sessions for prisoners to consider what issues they and their family may have experienced during the sentence

  • A facilitated discussion between the prisoner and their family members to discuss issues the offending and prison sentence have caused

  • Support for families either through telephone contact or in person at the visitors’ centre. These support sessions and information provide help for relatives to prepare for release and for the discussion with their family member who is due to be released from prison

  • The opportunity to devise a plan for moving forward as a family.

How Heading Home makes a difference 

"It made me realise for the first time that they were feeling exactly the same as I was, they were scared and nervous about coming home, just like me."

"It was life changing because I had never thought of things that way, the effects of what I did on people that I love."

"It was really difficult sometimes, when you left and went back to your pad, you really thought things over, that you hadn’t thought before … made you realise what other people think."

"I thought I was okay and everything was fine, but when I went on home leave, I realised everything wasn’t okay. You think that everything will be perfect when you get out, everything will go back to normal immediately, it’s not like that, it’s totally different and you need something to prepare you for that. I kept looking at my watch and wanting to get back to jail. I wasn’t prepared for it so realised I needed help from Nepacs, so when I got back I asked if I could go on Heading Home."


Are you interested? Would you like some information to help make the process of release easier?

Please ask a member of the prison visitors’ centre staff for more information.