Our Complaints Procedure

Our commitment to you

Nepacs provides a wide range of services for people who are affected by imprisonment and is committed to providing a warm welcome and a good service at our visitor centres, play areas, youth projects, tea bars, as well as in our courts, integrated family support, through the gate projects, booked visits line and community family and parenting project. We need to know if you think we could do things better. If you are visiting the prison, we have comment books based within each centre and we would encourage you to use it.
We take all complaints seriously, so if you are unhappy about the services that we provide to you we want to hear about it; without your feedback we cannot improve.

How to make a complaint

If you are not happy about a service that you receive it is usually best to let the person who is providing the service know, or ask to speak to the Nepacs' project manager. If you are not aware of the project manager’s details, please contact Head Office on 0191 3757278 for further details.

If you feel the situation is not resolved you can then make a formal complaint. You need to advise in writing, the nature of your complaint, providing your full name, address and contact telephone number. It is important you provide as much detail as you can in order for us to review the information and take the correct course of action.

Please send your complaint to:
Helen Attewell
Nepacs Head Office
20, Old Elvet

Once we have receipt of your letter, we aim to resolve the complaint within seven days. Within this time we will contact you with either a request for further information / clarification, or to advise you of our finding and what we have done to rectify the situation. You will receive confirmation by letter which we trust will resolve your complaint.

Sometimes you may wish to complain about how you have been treated by staff employed by the Prison, Courts or Probation Services. Please let a staff member or volunteer know and they will provide you with the relevant contact details to enable you to write directly to them.

Acting on results

We will do everything we can to put things right and will review how we run our services where necessary to stop problems happening again.

Your voice

We value all feedback from anyone who uses our services and would also like to hear from you about what you think we do well.

Many of our services, including special visits and training sessions, have evaluation forms and we would really encourage you to fill these in.

If you are visiting a North East prison, please fill out our comments book or complete a Tell Us What You Think leaflet at the centre so we know what you think of Nepacs.

We also plan to conduct a survey from time to time to help us shape future services and we appreciate you talking to us about what you would like to see changed.