Imprisonment of a family member can affect children and families in many ways. They may experience social isolation, stigma and embarrassment as well as financial, social, emotional or physical challenges as a result.

We endeavour to ensure that individuals working in health, education, criminal justice, local authorities or in the community understand the needs of these children and families, and can be better coordinated to provide more effective support for those affected by the imprisonment of a family member. 

Over 200,000 children in England and Wales are affected by having a parent in prison each year - that's around 9,000 in the north east

Our staff and volunteers play a vital role in raising awareness of the impact of imprisonment on families across the north east and supporting individuals and organisations in their work with these children and families. We do this through:

  • Training – including Hidden Sentence training

  • Events – including annual lectures, conferences, public meetings

  • Working with you – organisations, employees and volunteers across the north east

  • Awards – the Nepacs awards recognising excellence in promoting desistance from offending

  • Publications - including a new guide for health and social care professionals 

  • Resources - including our Hidden Voices kitbag

  • Links