Help and support on release

Preparing for release can be a challenging time for everybody involved, you may have mixed feelings about what has happened, how the prison sentence has impacted on you and your family and concerns about the future. This is quite natural so do not think you are alone in feeling or thinking this way.

When a relative is sent to prison, the family often feel that they are serving a “hidden sentence” on the outside.

Factors such as stigma, embarrassment and anxiety often mean families of prisoners are reluctant to seek support or engage with services resulting in unmet needs in relation to physical and mental health, housing and financial stability. Families learn to adjust, and make changes to their lifestyles and structures until it is time for their relative to be released.

After release, families continue to be an essential source of practical support, providing housing, employment, money and food as well as emotional support.

The pivotal role of families during this period has been recognised by HM Inspectorates of Prisons and Probation; “offender families are the most effective resettlement agency” (Criminal Justice Joint Inspection, 2014).

At Nepacs we aim to support prisoners and their families/friends prior to release. Find out more about how we can help.

Family support

Heading Home

Departure lounges on the day of release