In our work with prisoners, individuals subject to probation services, and their families or friends we endeavour to develop publications and resources that our staff and volunteers can use in the programmes we deliver and one to one through our work in prisons and in the community.

These resources may then be made more widely available to our colleagues in the voluntary sector, prison and probation service and other agencies working to support individuals subject to probation services and their families or significant others.

We also develop resources to help give children and young people impacted by imprisonment a 'voice' and to talk about their experiences. 

Hidden Voices

A toolkit of arts activities designed to help dads in prison reflect on the impact of their offending on their children at home. It's anticipated that this programme will encourage men to give up on their life of crime. This includes 4 songs created by children with a dad in prison to express their feelings and how their dad going into custody impacted upon them. 

Digital Me: Children with a Parent in Prison

Children who have a parent in prison are rarely given the opportunity to share what for them is a deep emotional experience - but this new animated video has been created to help others understand exactly what children can face when they find themselves in this situation.

The Nepacs youth team have worked collaboratively with Digital Me (a programme ran by Digital Voice) to provide young people impacted by the imprisonment of a loved one with a safe and creative way to share their story. The DigitalMe approach of animating their self-portraits helps them anonymously share their experiences of seeing their parent go to prison and living with that situation day in day out.