Visitor information

Visiting a prison for the first time can be a scary prospect. Often our visitors find that it gets easier as you get more used to the rules and procedures.

Nepacs is here to help you if we can.

“Staff are friendly and approachable which makes visiting a better experience”

Visitors’ survey comment, 2015

We provide visitor centre services for six regional prisons. Please contact the centres directly for more information - we will be pleased to talk to you before your visit and welcome you when you arrive.

Our staff and volunteers can offer support and a listening ear to new visitors and to those who are finding it hard to cope when their loved one is in custody. 

Volunteers meet new visitors to explain the system and procedures to them before they go for a visit.  We can also offer phone or face to face support to anyone who would like to talk to someone about any concerns or questions they may have. 

Click here to find out more about visiting prisons in the north east and services we provide at each centre.