Young people

Dealing with a relative’s imprisonment may be particularly hard for older children who tend to have a better understanding of the situation and may experience many negative effects as a result, such as bullying, social isolation, stigma and embarrassment. This can affect them both at home and at school.

The Nepacs youth project aims to support these young people – aged eight to 17 years.

We appreciate that some young people benefit from talking to others in a similar situation or by getting away from their normal daily lives and taking part in external activities. The project offers a range of opportunities for young people to receive support, including:

  • Youth zones at Frankland, Holme House, Northumberland and Low Newton visitors’ centres where youth workers offer support and facilities for young people visiting prison. These rooms/ zones provide an area to relax in and meet other young people in a similar situation.

  • Special family/child visits - Our youth workers also help out on special family/child visits to provide fun, age appropriate activities for older children and their parents.

  • External activities which take place at weekends and during school holidays, provide a break for young people and their carers, and the chance to make new friends, learn new skills, and boost their confidence. These include ice skating, climbing, laser quest, paintballing and walking.  We also take a group of young people on residential breaks at least once a year. Find out about trips/activities taking place in summer 2022 HERE. 

  • One to one support - If you need someone to talk to our trained youth workers are available within the youth zones or you can contact our youth project coordinator (see below for details). We can offer one to one support to the young people either face to face or online via video link.

Our youth team also works with other agencies, including schools, health professionals and local authorities to provide advice and support on how best to help young people impacted by a parent’s or relative’s imprisonment.

Read about how the youth project has helped make a difference to the lives of young people HERE.

If you are concerned about a young person who has been impacted by a family member’s imprisonment, please get in touch with our youth project coordinator Aelred Robinson on mobile 07964 959959 or email.

Resources for children and young people

Our team and other organisations are creating resources and activities for children and their families to enjoy at home.

Find out more HERE.

Thanks to funding from Stamp it Out Durham / Suicide Prevention Alliance, Northumbria Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC), Hadrian Trust, Ballinger Trust and other donors.