Youth visits

The Nepacs youth project provides special 'youth room' facilities for young people aged 8 - 17 in the visitors centres at HMP Holme House, HMP Frankland, HMP Northumberland and HMP&YOI Low Newton. We also have a youth zone within the visits hall at Holme House.

These ‘youth rooms’ are special areas, which are open weekends and school holidays, where young people who are visiting prison can chill, have a chat, play some games or have a chance to share their experience with others.

If you need someone to talk to there are youth workers available within the youth zones who you can chat to.

There is also one to one support available for young people who are affected by the imprisonment of a parent or close relative. Call Aelred on 07964 959959 or email for more details or to make a referral.

Find out more about the youth project HERE.