BIg Give Christmas Challenge 2019 is now live!

"The staff on family days are all amazing.. There's always so many arts and crafts which kids just love but it gets the dads involved too and it's great for maintaining the relationship and interaction between the children and their father. Everyone goes the extra mile to make us all feel welcome and comfortable and I am very grateful for this... I am very grateful and not sure I could have got through this without this kindness and help for my family which so far is getting through it." - Sinead

It's #GivingTuesday today and we are asking for your help so we can help more families through our fantastic range of special family visits we offer at all north east prisons.

Please help us provide more families with special family days with their loved one in prison by donating to our Big Give Christmas Challenge which starts at 12noon today (Tuesday 3 December 2019) for 7 days. Every donation will be doubled thanks to funding from our match-funder.

You can donate here:  Thank you!